efficient invoice management

for small and medium-sized businesses

Invoice management – (not) necessary?

The proper and timely processing of incoming invoices is particularly small and medium businesses against more challenges than one would expect at first glance. Often the bills through a “manual” process, are recorded in manually maintained Excel lists and must be individually recorded in the accounting program.

Do you know the following questions in your daily work?

  • Where are our bills?
  • If invoices are double-counted, even paying double?
  • Who is the current editor?
  • Can the processing be followed in the wake of even?
  • Have all those responsible checked the bill?
  • Which liabilities meet the company during the current month?
  • Utilizes our company sufficient discount options?

If yes, then start to optimize your account management with m.y.Invoice in a professional and easy way.

Easy to use, quick implementation

m.y.Invoice provides for the mentioned problem situations an efficient solution to optimize and automate the processing of incoming invoices.


All incoming invoices, both in print and digital form are first scanned centrally and reported under a unique reference number in the system. It does not matter where in the world received the bill. Each account is assigned upon detection of a category. By establishing defined processing and approval workflows, the invoice is given to recording automatically in the processing run.

invoice processing

To edit the account specific deadlines are set, which are automatically monitored by the system. Each user receives an e-mail upon receipt of an invoice as well as the deadline of the processing. In the first processing step, the statement is distributed to the respective cost centers and cost element is selected. If a receivable is not corrected, it can be rejected through a clearly defined process. Depending on the editing workflow passes the bill various processing and approval authorities. For queries to another user, the invoice can be delegated easily.

accounting transaction

After verification and approval of the bill by the defined instances the invoice can be posted automatically by interface to accounting program. If no interface is present, all invoices processed and the corresponding reservation data can be exported and imported via csv. files automatically in the accounting program. A manual single booking is therefore no longer necessary.


Each invoice is displayed after detecting the electronic invoice ledger. There is also the current editor and the current processing status appears next to the information on the invoice amount, sender, receiver and performance month. All processed invoices are monthly or annual across the invoice ledger cost. All related, scanned documents are displayed when you select the invoice. The invoice history tells you what people have edited the bill and when.


definition of workflows

Overview – incoming invoices

Bill processing

Your advantages

Easy to use
To use m.y.Invoice no separate software installation is necessary. After recording and releasing the clients immediate processing is possible. The program is user-friendly and intuitive.

Easy, automated processing
Fixed processing and approval workflows enable fast turnaround of invoices, especially at a remote site structure. Once recorded and can not go “lost” an invoice.

Complete documentation
Each processing and approval process will be automatically saved by the system and is monthly or annual across cost. Besides the actual bill also further documents can be saved.

Maximum transparency
There is always the option of viewing all bills in circulation with the respective processing status. The meet lead times can’ll easily monitored.

Full cost control
Using the invoice receipt book, the system automatically indicates which liabilities in each service month are due. Upon detection of the invoice is automatically drawn to discount options.

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