manage and control your fleet

holistically and efficiently

Our software solution “fleetLution” includes all relevant operational and administrative processes for a holistic and efficient fleet management, regardless of type and size of your fleet.

The modular design enables the individual compilation of various functions – precisely adapted to your needs.

Starting from the blocks Fahrpersonal-, vehicle, risk and Fuel Management supports a comprehensive document and ticket management in the automation of processes and the creation of maximum transparency.

Efficient processes, maximum transparency

“FleetLution” offers not only the opportunity to manage your drivers and Equipment holistically, but also enables the imaging and control of your operational processes, such as workshop planning, vehicle occupation or Absence management of your drivers.

Documents and processes are always visible

Based on your needs, you can decide whether you want to use only one module, two modules or the complete version of “fleetLution”. Whichever modules you choose in detail, you can apply in any case, our overarching administration tools.

document management

Selection of functionalities:

– Electronic filing of various documents.
– Filing of confidential documents with limited access function.
– Presentation of the document history.

appointment management

Selection of functionalities:

– Monitoring of statutory inspection dates.
– Monitoring of license validity and legal driver qualification.
– Monitoring compliance of workshop dates.

data management

Selection of functionalities:

– Evaluation of different master data masks.
– Creation and definition of user-specific filtering and analysis options.
– Easy export of data from the data management (PDF, XLS, CSV).

workflow management

Selection of functionalities:

– Detection of processing operations (ticket).
– Assignment and Delegation of tickets to the responsible agents including gapless history..
– Automatic ticket creation possible by the system, e.g. Monitoring of license validity.

You always have an overview

multilevel, detailed security controls

custom filtering and controlling settings

maximum transparency at all levels

intersite, uniform application

modular design, ease of use

workflow management incl. history

dates and expiration dates always in view

numerous import and export options

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